Bridge Academy II

77 Rolling Oaks Drive                    Thousand Oaks, CA 91361                         (805) 495 - 0385

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Welcome to our Club!

Bridge Academy II  is an ACBL-sanctioned duplicate bridge club located in beautiful Thousand Oaks, California at the 101 freeway and Moorpark Road. Realizing that all of you have choices, my mission is to provide the best possible experience during each 3 and one half hour session you choose to spend at BA II.  I hope to do that by providing the MOST professional, pleasant, zero-tolerant, updated, communicative and clean facility as possible.  With a variety of games to pick from, I hope you'll find a time to join us.  The club is open SIX DAYS per week and runs 7 Open games per week and 3 Restricted (two 299er and one 749er) games per week.  In addition, the club or Unit frequently schedules Special games such as Open Swiss Teams, 299er Swiss teams, "8 is Enough" Swiss Teams, and Pro-Am games on Saturday nights at 6:00pm or Sunday afternoons.....there will always be sign-up sheets for these games well in advance!  For newcomers and intermediates, we offer a strong education program:  Beginner Bridge classes, Intermediate classes, and Supervised Play classes.  I hope you'll join us and PLEASE feel free to offer your comments on how to improve BA II...thank you! 

Alan Curtis
Club Owner 

Special Games - July, August 2016

July 31st - UNIT Game; Lunch at Noon, Game at 12:30

August 1st - Birthday Cake and Free Play Draw

August 5th/6th - Club Championship

August 8th/16th - Club Membership

Week of August 22nd - Great Western STaC

August 28th - UNIT (Sanford's) Game; Lunch at 11:30, Entertainment at noon and game at approximately 1:00


Bob's Bits and Pieces

8/3/16 Claims

by Bob Gruber

A clear, concise claim is appreciated by all.  The other players don’t have to ponder needlessly and play is expedited. Unfortunately, far too often, the claim is inappropriate and play is prolonged past the point of just playing out the hand. And of course, you commonly hear, “Play it out! Let’s just play it out!!”

Law 68D is clear that once a claim or concession is made, playing it out is no longer an option.

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 70% Games - 2016

Joe McHugh & Vera Iobbi

Ken Ditto & Connie Raabe

Rose Buckley & Craig Kavin

Ellen Anten & Steve Gross

Donna Bell & Gerry Collier

Sharon Beynon & Raeann Koerner

Lowell Lykken & Gunnar Soderland

Avinash Bahadur & Mary Reyna

Marta Monheim & Andy Vinock

Estelle Baron & Susan Somogyi

Sin Orensztein & Mark Peters

Gerry Collier & Jon Sutcliffe

Peter Knee & Andy Vinock

Mike Prcic & Freddie Straus

Larry Brasler & Craig Kavin

Pam Montagnino & Diane Sancer

Ron Ruiz & Sheila Ruiz

Marty Blain & Craig Kavin



















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Fri, May 13th

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Wed, Aug 10th

Wed, Aug 10th

Tue, Aug 16th



All 70% games earn a FREE PLAY at Bridge Academy II

TOTAL 70% Games 2015 = 34

TOTAL 70% Games 2014 = 32

TOTAL 70% Games 2013 = 33